SAGA Speakers Bureau

If you need a speaker for an educational meeting or a visiting professor, SAGA would be happy to suggest individuals.  Please contact us to obtain the names of potential speakers.  The following are a list of talks known to be available.  If you have something else in mind, contact us anyway and we will see what we can do. 

Anesthesia and the Elderly
Anesthetic Implications of Aging
Cardiovascular (or Cardiopulmonary) Aging and Anesthetic Implications
Current Controversies in the Perioperative Management of the Geriatric Patient
Delirium, is Anesthesia to Blame if Grandma's a Banana?
Postoperative Brain Failure - a Clinical Update
Postoperative Cognitive Dysfunction in the Elderly Patient
Preoperative Evaluation of the Geriatric Surgical Patient
The Pathophysiologic Approach to the Elderly Surgical Patient
The Use of Beta Blockade in the Elderly


For questions, contact Alec Rooke at (206) 764-2574 or



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